Welcome to the Food Studio portfolio. We are experienced team that does shoot production, styling and postproduction. The huge amount of equipment and props make us independent and able to work where you want us. We do travel. During the coronavirus time, we also started the remote shoots for our clients –  Dancake, KFC and Starbucks. Wherever you are we can do the remote shoot for you as well.

KAMIL A. KRAJEWSKI – photographer

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I have been dealing with photography since 2004. Food photography was always near and something drove me closer and closer to it. Since 2016 I have been taking pictures in this field regularly. Until now I am proud to work for such well known brands as STATOIL, KFC, STARBUCKS, BURGER KING, DANCAKE or FACEBOOK. I hold my photo sessions in verified studios in Cracow, Warsaw and Wroclaw. Sometimes I have to work at my client’s place; in a factory, a hotel or a restaurant. I am also experienced in that matter and I own all necessary equipment. You are welcome to cooperate with me and the Food Studio team 🙂


Food stylist with passion for food and with love to beauty. Since 2012 I have been working in projects for brands like: KFC, Starbucks, Lisner, Sensodyne, Kenwood, Tesco, Tchibo, Carrefour, Unilever, Kasia, Stork, Biedronka, Henryk Kania, Electrolux, Faktoria Win. Finalist PDN Taste 2018, shortlisted Pink Lady 2019